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About Us


Who is Detailing Bliss?

Detailing Bliss was founded in Calgary Alberta, by Carlos Baca, a pure enthusiast auto detailer that turned his obsession to keeping a vehicle clean to something extraordinary. Carlos’ education is Electrical Engineer Technologist (C.E.T) and how did an Electrical Engineer Technologist turn to the auto detailing industry? Well that’s quite simple, a combination of passion for automotives and dedication to keeping them looking pristine.

We may not realize this but a vehicle is the second largest purchase we all make, the first largest purchase being a home, and like all proud automotive owners we all want to keep our vehicles clean and like new. So what was passed on through child hood, spending countless weekends washing the family vehicle quickly escalated to doing a vast amount of research on high end detailing products but most importantly hands on experience to master the art of detailing.

Through trial and error and a vast amount of research, Carlos has now turned his passion of keeping a vehicle clean and pristine to a full fledged business. What started as a “weekend project” has now escalated to something extraordinary. What distinguishes Carlos to his competitors is that he does it out of pure love and passion, neither for volume nor to prove a point. Rather out of pure love for the art of detailing. In fact, when it comes to detailing a vehicle, it takes Carlos days not hours to complete. This is due to the mind set that perfection is only achievable with quality products and experience.

Why choose Detailing Bliss?

When you contact Detailing Bliss you will be speaking directly with Carlos, there is absolutely no one else but Carlos. Detailing Bliss is a small but thriving business. The same person on the phone will be the exact same person who will work on your vehicle. Carlos will be there to greet you and shake your hand when you drop of your car and it will be Carlos who will be there to give you your keys back to your prized possession when it has been detailed to your specifications.

The reason Detailing Bliss uses this simple and proven method is because that is how you build relationships, by putting a face to the name and by shaking peoples hands. It is a form of honor and pride, it may sound old school but history has shown that this method works and it is one that Carlos has grown up with and has grown to appreciate. The reality is that when it comes to auto detailing Carlos is a firm believer in doing things right the first time and to do things right takes time, hard work, dedication and having access to the worlds best detailing products available in today’s market.

One of the benefits of being a one man army is that you are able to confirm that everything will be done to the highest degree of quality because it is being done by one single person. Other benefits of being a small auto detailing business is that you get to venture out into upcoming products. For example, most of the products used at Detailing Bliss come from United Kingdom (UK) reason being the chemical composition from Europe is substantially more advance compared to that of North America. This helps not only provide superior products to clients but also consciously keeps the environmental foot print in mind. With the advancements of technology Carlos is constantly testing and adapting to the new and upcoming methods and products from all over the world. That is why auto detailing for Carlos is not just passion, it truly is borderline obsession.

Keeping a car clean is simply not good enough; the ideal scenario is to keep the vehicles looking pristine through out its life span. After all a vehicle is the second largest investment. At Detailing Bliss we believe on being fair to our customers and insuring that our prices match current competitors. Detailing Bliss is proud to not only match prices with our competitors but we surpass them in the sense of quality and customer satisfaction.

When you choose Detailing Bliss you will receive the wealth of hands-on experience that enables and guarantees that our products, service and advice will deliver outstanding results to our customers. The ultimate goal is to provide the customer with the sense of satisfaction and joy that can only be described as detailing bliss.

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