2015 Black SRT Hellcat


Another lovely Hellcat for me to properly detail and protect and it’s quite the privilege to be honest. The owner of this vehicle heard of me from the other Hellcat’s I’ve detailed and when I get such referrals I always make sure to deliver and then some.

With that said I apologize in advance because several things I forgot for this detail, for starters I forgot to bring my camera. I know me forget my camera that’s like me forgetting my Festool rotary at home. Regrettably I did forget my camera so all pictures were taken with my iPhone 6+. Due to me forgetting my camera the quantity of pictures isn’t to my usual standards but hopefully you will get the picture…hahaha get it “get the picture”. Yes, I know I should stop trying to be funny lol.

Any who, here is the vehicle waiting for me to detail it:

I’ve developed a routine when it comes to detailing vehicles and that is that I always begin with what I call the shoes of the vehicle, meaning the wheels. To take care of the shoes I get my third bucket out. This third bucket holds various brushes I use to scrub the wheels. Rather then explain the scrubbing allow me to show you how all that scrubbing and elbow grease was looked like in the end:

As you can see I make sure to get all the way inside the wheels and most importantly to ensure I scrub the calipers as well. If you look to the bottom right corner of the picture you can just make out some of the brushes I used.

Once all four corners of the vehicle were scrubbed to satisfaction I then proceeded to wash the rest of the vehicle via the two bucket method. Some times I really shouldn’t use the two bucket method to be honest but again it’s now a habit that I always use the two buckets. I think it’s a great habit to get into to be honest as when ever I get new vehicles that last thing I’d want to do is induce marring my self.

Moving along, once I had washed the entire vehicle it was time to begin the decontamination process. Step one, is to use Iron X to remove all iron contamination, which the vehicle collects during transportation. The process for this is quite simple, you simply spray Iron X like so:

To the entire vehicle that is, then I normally walk around and inspect just how heavily contaminated the vehicle is. On dark color vehicles it’s a bit hard to capture the iron contamination on the surface of the paint. After my inspection gently agitate Iron X with a dedicated micro fiber towel. Once done the vehicle is given a good rinse and when I say good I mean a very thorough rinse to ensure all traces of Iron X is removed from the surface.

The second step of the decontamination process is to remove all organic contamination, for this I use a product called Tardis. On a new vehicle it’s rare to see tar or tree sap but the other great thing Tardis is good for is at completely stripping the vehicle clean. Meaning what ever the dealership may have put on the vehicle Tardis will dissolve it and remove it. Leaving me with literally a squeaky clean surface. The process that I use is a spray Tardis one panel at a time and I wipe off, I don’t let Tardis sit for too long. This process is done to the entire vehicle, once done again a thorough rinse is given to the vehicle.

The third and final step is to clay the vehicle. For new vehicles I normally like to use my favorite yellow clay bar. Now some people think that claying a vehicle after the two steps I went through is a bit of overkill and well it might be but for me it’s about making sure the paint is completely cleansed. Once the vehicle was completely clayed I give it one final rinse, the final rinse is always with Reverse Osmosis water.

To dry the vehicle I use air from my Metro Blaster to remove as much water as possible and follow it up with a micro fiber towel.

The is now ready for me to inspect, for this I normally use my 3M Sun Gun…however, I forgot to charge the battery of my Sun Gun so I had to improvise. I used a different light and here is what I found:

Not sure if you can see it but there was quite a bit of polishing marks left on the passenger fender. Looks to me like someone polished this spot and well didn’t refine the area and left is with what we detailers call buffer marks.

Well regrettably that’s about all the pictures of what I was up against and unfortunately no before and after’s. However, I can still mention what I used, before I could properly protect the paint I had to polish it. The choice of polishing combo was none other then my go to combo and that is 3M UK Extra Fine Plus partnered with a Yellow 3M UK Polishing foam pad and my Festool rotary of course. Once the entire vehicle had been polished I gave the vehicle a final polish with 3M UK Ultrafina SE partnered with a Blue 3M UK Finihsing foam pad and once again my Festool rotary. I did this step enhance I get the maximum gloss from the paint that and to make sure that I didn’t accidently leave any buffer marks from the Extra Fine Plus polish.

Once the entire vehicle was polished I gave it a final wipe down with Pre-Kleano to 100% remove all polish residue. After all of that prep work I was finally ready to protect the paint and the owner decided to go with C.Quartz Finest.

I gave the vehicle two coats of C.Quartz Finest and what ever was left over I applied to the rims, door jams, gas cap (inside) and calipers. With that just a few loose ends, such as dressing the tires and a polishing the exhaust tips, just a light polish as they were in good shape.

Now for the end results:

Black color vehicles are so rewarding, the amount of gloss and reflection you get form them is just down right awesome!

I couldn’t help but admire just how good the shoe’s turned out, I mean they caught my attention as soon as I rolled the vehicle outside.

Well as always thank you for reading my apologies for the short amount of pictures the next one I’ll take more pictures…no seriously I have one or two more Hellcat’s booked up. Not that I mind, I enjoy my self detailing these vehicles I just love the end results.

Oh almost forgot, the most important part, the owner was quite happy with the end results and to me that is what matters.


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