2015 Blue Charger Hellcat


I have the privilege to detail yet another Hellcat, I’m starting to think I’m doing something right because this is my fourth Hellcat I’ve done (that’s a joke by the way).

The owner of this lovely Hellcat canted me and wanted to get his new pride and joy well protected. The owner of this vehicle decided to go with Opti-Coat Pro+ but of course I had a significant amount of prep work to do before I can even think of applying the paint protection.

So dive right in and lets start with the washing process, first I always begin with what I refer to as the “shoes” of the vehicle, meaning the wheels. With various brushes I scrub and cleanse the wheels, like so:

That’s me scrubbing a way, don’t see many pictures of me for obvious reasons I’m usually the one taking the pictures. In this case though I had my eldest daughter who wanted to tag long and help me with the detailing of the vehicle. She too likes photography so I put her in charge of taking pictures.

This gives me the opportunity to truly show precisely how I cleanse the wheels. For starters with one of the Meg’s brushes I get into the tight areas, like so:

Next with a demoted wash mitt I make sure I get all the spokes on the rims and most importantly in behind them as well, like so:

With my long handle wool brushes I’m able to get inside the rims as well:

Last but not least the tires are given a thorough scrub with yet another Meg’s brush:

All that scrubbing and all that elbow grease looks something like this in the end:

It may not look like much but all that scrubbing and agitating takes time, how much time exactly I’m not certain I don’t keep track of time when I’m detailing…you know you get in the zone and your just gone! Yea something like that :)

This exact same process is done to all four corners of the vehicle and once done I then turn my attention to the body of the vehicle:

Once the entire vehicle is washed I then begin the three step decontamination process. First step is to spray Iron X on the entire vehicle to loosen and eventually remove all iron contamination. Once the entire vehicle is completely covered with Iron X it’s left for a bit while I walk around visually inspecting the paint to see just how much iron contaminants are on the vehicle. Regrettably because the vehicle is a dark color it’s nearly impossible for me to capture the large amount of iron contamination the vehicle had with my camera. Once I was done visually inspecting the paint I then gave it a wipe down with a dedicated micro fiber towel. Once I finished the wipe down I then gave the vehicle a good rinse.

The second stage of the decontamination process is to remove all organic contamination and for that Tardis is the only product I use. Now seeing as the vehicle is brand new it didn’t have large amounts of tar or tree sap but the other great thing that Tardis is great at is to completely strip clean the paint. Meaning remove what ever the dealership or manufacture may have installed on the vehicles paint. Now I’ve modified my method of using Tardis, I used to apply to the entire vehicle and then wipe it down but now I spray and wipe one panel at a time. I do this because Tardis is ridiculously strong and quite frankly I’m just too paranoid that on new vehicles the clear coat may not take to kindly to Tardis. So even though it may take a bit longer to do I do one panel at a time. Once the entire vehicle was wiped down with Tardis it was given yet another rinse.

The last and final step of the decontamination process is to clay the vehicle, the clay of choice is none other then my favorite yellow clay bar:

Once I had finished claying the entire vehicle I gave it one final rinse but this time with Reverse Osmosis water:

As you can see I use the flooding method when giving the vehicle the very final rinse.

At this point the vehicle is completely cleansed and can finally be dried. To help dry the vehicle I use air from my Metro Vac & Blow followed up with a wipe down with a drying micro fiber towel.

Now I can finally see the true conditions of the paint and for that I always use my 3M Sun Gun. This is the pint where I post lots of pictures of just how poorly new vehicles look but guess what happened, once again I forgot to charge the battery to my camera and regrettably this is the point it died. I know, I know my bad my apologies but I’ve detailed many, many brand new vehicles and there are always some random swirls/scratches and lets not forget some wet sanding marks oh how I wish I could show you grrr…well never fear I now have a second battery to my Cannon 7D, something I should have done a long time ago.

Any who, once I knew what I was up against I took some paint readings with my PosiTector 6000 and PosiTector 200. As expected very healthy paint readings which means I can now proceed to the polishing process. For the most part a single power polishing pass with my favorite polishing combo 3M UK Extra Fine Plus partnered with a Yellow 3M UK Polishing foam pad and my Festool rotary. Now of course I couldn’t just give this vehicle a single polish so I followed it up with 3M UK Ultrafina SE partnered with a Blue 3M UK Finishing foam pad and my Festool rotary. The very last step was to prep the surface for Opti-Coat Pro+. Like I said so much prep work to apply a paint protection but then again we aren’t speaking of just any paint protection. The last step of the prep work is to do a final wipe down but instead of a wipe down I now use Opti-Coat Primer, I do this with the help of yet another Blue 3M UK Finishing foam pad and my rotary. Once completed it’s finally time to apply Opti-Coat Pro+ on the entire vehicle. When I say the entire vehicle I mean every inch of the vehicle, door jams, inside the gas cap, rims. The glass also gets coated but with Opti-Glass.

Well that about does it for the vehicle but just a few loose ends to wrap up such as polishing the exhaust tips, dressing the tires and putting back the license plate. I often forget to put the license plate back on the vehicle.

After all that work, here are the final results. At this point the battery of my camera had charged so I was at least able to get some final pictures of the vehicle:

Now if you look close you’ll spot the green Hellcat I detailed, so far every Hellcat I’ve detailed that green Hellcat is here. It’s like he know I’m detailing a Hellcat lol joking of course. Actually the green Hellcat was in for me to fix a rock chip and besides it makes for a great photo opportunity to have both Hellcat’s detailed by me in one picture.

I can honestly say I take great pleasure seeing exhaust tips polished to perfection, it just goes well with a nice glossy vehicle.

Well that does it for this write up, owner was quite pleased with the end results which is something I always strive for and another lovely Hellcat well protected and well preserved ready to take on our harsh and unpredictable Calgary weather.

As always thank you for reading and again my apologies for the lack of pictures, next one I assure will have more pictures as I will have both batteries fully charged on my camera. Any feed back is always appreciated and if you have any questions feel free to ask I’m more then happy to answer questions.


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