2005 BMW 530i


The owner of this lovely German beauty came to me from a referral, I’ll be honest most of my work comes from referrals and I’m extremely thankful of that. However, the other side of it is that I feel I have to go a bit above and beyond to deliver for two reasons. One is to ensure the owner is 100% satisfied with the end results and two ensure I live up to my referral.

With that said here is the vehicle as it was brought to me:

I couldn’t resist and got a head of my self with these pictures:

As you can see the vehicle’s paint is in very rough shape. But that’s not an issue as with a bit of time and lots of elbow grease this vehicle will be turned around to look exponentially better then what you currently see.

With that said the vehicle was in for a minor paint enhancement, which means princely that. A single power polishing pass however, considering the condition and most importantly the color we all know that a single power polishing pass will never suffice.

Well on with the show, for starters the vehicle was washed with the two bucket method, I know a bit overkill considering the conditions of the paint but it’s a good habit and one that I personally intend on keeping. The shampoo of choice is the regular Meg’s Gold Class Shampoo. Of course, can’t forget about the third bucket which is used to cleanse the wheels.

Regrettably no pictures of the cleansing process, once the entire vehicle had been cleaned to my satisfaction it was time to begin the decontamination. The first step of the decontamination process that I like to use is Iron X, the entire vehicle is coated with Iron X and once I had coated the entire vehicle I normally go around with my camera to capture just how much contamination the vehicle has. Because of the color I couldn’t capture just how much contamination the vehicle had but there were huge amounts, I mean the paint felt quite rough like sand paper. This is nothing out of the ordinary to be honest as most vehicles even after one winter season feel the same way. Any who, once the entire vehicle had been whipped off it was given a thorough rinse. I say thorough because for those who have used Iron X know that it lingers for a very long time on the vehicle and on every crack and crevice.

The second step of the decontamination process is that I use Tardis to remove all organic contamination. When I say organic I’m referring to road tar and tree sap, Tardis truly shines on removing all organic material. Once again the same process is carried out, I spray the entire vehicle with Tardis and instantly all tar and tree sap is dissolved. On the lower panels I prefer to give them two coats of Tardis specially on a vehicle under these rough conditions. It’s quite rare that I give vehicles two coats of Tardis but I do this for my own peace of mind. Once I was satisfied the vehicle’s paint had been completely cleansed it was given yet another rinse.

The last and final step of the decontamination process is to clay the vehicle. I decided to use the Red Clay Magic on this vehicle and the only reason I did that is once again to make sure the vehicle is completely clean.

The very last step is to give the vehicle a final rinse, for this final rinse I always use Reverse Osmosis water.

After all of that the vehicle is finally completely cleansed now comes the hard part. Picking a polish and foam pad combo that will deliver the maximum level of enhancement to the vehicle. Before I share what I ended up using allow me to show you just how well this polishing combo worked:

A closer look:

As you can see by no means is it a full paint correction but it sure is an enhancement. Now what is the polishing combo? I think this will surprise most of you because it’s something I haven’t used in a very long time and the polishing combo is none other then Meg’s Cutting foam pad partnered with Menzerna SIP and my Festool rotary. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been ages that I have touched Meg’s foam pads, ages I tell you! But it was good to use it, felt nice and most importantly I had forgot just how much cut the Meg’s compounding pad had.

Well now that I have a polish and foam pad combo it was time to proceed with the power polishing. On with the show, here is a 50/50:



Now the after picture looks like I was able to get the vehicle 100% corrected but it’s far, far from it. Here is what I mean, a closer look to the exact same area in the trunk:

As you can see no where near 100% paint correction.

Here is another 50/50 of the trunk:

Can you spot which area was polished? Here is a closer look:

Well as you can see not perfect but I’m not after perfection, just an enhancement. When I finished polishing the vehicle I couldn’t leave the head lights the way they were. Here is what I mean, before:

During the wet sanding:

Here is the head light after one compounding pass, yes I decided to compound the head lights with Menzerna Power Gloss and a 3M UK green Compounding pad:

I decided to give the head lights another compounding pass to obtain just a bit more clarity to the head lights:

The head lights were further refined with a yellow 3M UK Polishing foam pad and Menzerna SIP and finished off with a blue finishing 3M UK pad and Menzerna Final Polish. Here is how the head lights turned out:

Quite impressive if you ask me…but then again I’m a bit biassed.

Now remember how I said I couldn’t in good conscious just give this vehicle a single power polishing pass. Well I decided to refine the finish a bit more and for that I went with a 3M UK yellow polishing foam pad partnered with Menzerna Final Polish this enhanced the gloss even more. That about does it for polishing, well now it was time to prep the vehicle for the paint protection. For that I decided to use Opti-Primer with a blue 3M UK finishing foam pad and my rotary. Once I was done prepping the entire vehicle it was finally time to properly protect the paint and the owner chose to go with:

Opti-Coat Pro+ (sorry for the blurry picture).

Once I had coated the entire vehicle with Opti-Coat Pro+ it was time to take care of a few loose ends. By loose ends I mean the exhaust tips, I mean just look at them they looked dull and tired:

With some polishing creme and lots and I mean lots of elbow grease here is how they turned out:

I have to admit even I was quite impressed with how they turned out. Well on with finishing a few things like dressing the tires, cleaning the glass and overall giving it a final wipe down just to make sure no residue of Opti-Coat Pro+ is left behind.

With that the vehicle is finally done and now it’s time to show case all the hard work and the end results of the vehicle:

The end results where quite good and most importantly the owner was very pleased with the end results and at the end what truly matters is what the owner thinks.

That concludes another lovely German vehicle enhanced and looking quite good. As always thank you for taking the time to read this write up and any feed back is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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