2015 Blue Porsche Macan S


The owner of this lovely vehicle came to me after seeing some of my work on a vehicle I previously worked on. To be honest though I consider it a real pleasure to work on brand new vehicles, there is nothing like a brand new vehicle starting it’s life with a proper detail and most importantly properly protected.

With that said here is the vehicle as it was delivered to me:

I have to admit I was quite drawn to the color, but that’s because I’m a huge blue color fan. Well like always I start with what I call the shoes of the vehicle, meaning the wheels. With various brushes I scrub the wheel well, tire and rim and all that scrubbing looked something like this:

Like a good german vehicle it sure had a significant amount of break dust and it required a bit of elbow grease to get them looking just right.

Once all four corners of the vehicle had been cleansed I then proceeded to washing the rest of the vehicle with the two bucket method. Once the vehicle was washed I then proceeded to my three decontamination steps.

First step was with Iron X, most brand new vehicles come with a significant amount of iron contamination and Iron X does an excellent job at removing all contaminants. Once I had sprayed the entire vehicle with Iron X I walked around inspecting the vehicle to see just how much contamination the vehicle had. Once I had finished inspecting the vehicle I then proceeded to wipe Iron X off with a micro fiber towel. With the entire vehicle wiped off I then gave the vehicle a good rinse.

The second step of the decontamination process is to remove all organic contamination and for that I always use Tardis. Now seeing as this is a brand new vehicle I decided to spray and wipe one panel at a time. I do this because Tardis is extremely potent and I’m too paranoid to spray the entire vehicle with Tardis. Another great feature about Tardis is that it also removed all protection that the dealership or the manufactures may have put on the vehicle, meaning it strips it clean. Once the entire vehicle had been wiped with Tardis it was given yet another good rinse.

The third and final step of the decontamination process is to clay the vehicle. I do this as a final cheque, just in case I happened to have missed any spots. The clay I chose to go with was none other then my favorite yellow clay bar. As expected the clay hardly picked any contaminants up and once the entire had been clayed it was finally time to give it a good rinse with Reverse Osmosis water.

The vehicle was then dried with the help of my Metro blower to remove as much water off the vehicle as possible, not to mention all those crevices which love to retain water and annoyingly drip. Any water left over from the Metro blower was removed with the help of a drying micro fiber towel.

Now the vehicle is completely cleansed and I can finally inspect it to see it’s true conditions. To be honest the vehicle was in really good shape, so good that it hardly had any deep scratches…it did however, have the odd sanding mark. To give you an idea of how good of shape the vehicle was in here is a spot which is always in very rough shape:

These pillars are always in very, very poor shape but on this vehicle they were in pristine shape. Like they should be.

Well I still gave the vehicle a single power polishing pass and the intent was to remove any swirl marks or sand mark that I found. The polishing combo I desided to go with was none other then Menzerna SIP partnered with a yellow 3M UK Polishing foam pad. For the most part a single pass was more then enough but the odd spot required two and some times three power polishing passes. After the entire vehicle had been polished with Menzerna SIP I then gave the vehicle it’s final polish with Opti-Coat Prime with a blue 3M UK Finishing foam pad.

This gets the vehicle ready to be coated with Opti-Coat Pro+. Once the entire vehicle is coated with Opti-Coat Pro+ which also includes the door jams, rims and glass oh and a bit of an extra coat on the rear or trunk if you will.

That nearly does it for this vehicle, now it was time to take care of a few loose ends, such as polish the exhaust tips and dress the tires. That about does it for this vehicle and now for the end results:

I have to admit the blue looked extremely good once I was done with it but that’s just me being a bit biased. However, I’m happy to report that the owner agreed with me and that is all that matters.

Well that does it for this write up as always thank you for taking the time to read the write up and any feed back is always greatly appreciated.




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