2004 Black Viper


The owner of this lovely Viper came to me because his new pride and joy just didn’t have that new appearance as he was expecting. That’s where I come in, the owner was extremely thorough and asked me several questions which, I was delighted to answer. Once I had answered all the questions of the owner I was then given the privilege to detail the vehicle. With that said here is the vehicle as it was delivered to me:

You know just by looking at this picture you’d guess the vehicle is in great conditions, but looks can be deceiving.

Well on with the show, the Viper “appears” to be clean but it’s truly far from it. Before I get ahead of my self first things first. The vehicle needs to be cleansed, the vehicle was washed with the two bucket method and the third bucket was for the wheels. Once the entire vehicle was washed it was time to decontaminate it.

I use a three step decontamination system and first up is one of my favorite products and that is:

Iron X to remove all iron contaminants from the surface of the paint. Iron X is quite simple to use, all you have to do is simply spray it on the surface of the vehicle wait for it to work it’s magic and I personally like to wipe it off or agitate the surface as I call it. Once I whipped the entire vehicle I then followed it up with a very, very thorough rinse. It’s best to make sure all of Iron X is removed and it can be a bit stubborn to rinse off.

Step two of the decontamination process is to use Tardis to remove all organic contaminants off the vehicle. This includes the removal of any paint “protection” the vehicle may have on it. Tardis requires a bit of attention, what I mean by this is that I can only do one panel at a time, I simply spray on Tardis to one panel and follow it up with a wipe down. Doing it one panel at a time takes time but seeing as Tardis is extremely potent I prefer to safe then sorry. Once the entire vehicle is done a final rinse is given to the vehicle.

The third and final step of the decontamination process is to clay the vehicle. The clay of choice is none other then the famous yellow clay bar, also known as the Ricardo clay bar.

After all of that the vehicle is now completely clean and with the help of my 3M Sun Gun I can now inspect the paint to see it’s true conditions and here is what I found:

As you can see, polish residue means that someone previously tried to polish the vehicle and regrettably there are many, many more signs of the craftsmanship of a previous “detailer”.

The spoiler was by far the worst area, looks like some one tried to compound the spoiler and used something extremely aggressive and failed to refine it. Here is what I mean.

Well there was plenty of buffer marks as well.

Well as you can see I have my work cut out for me. My task was to make this vehicle look like new and after discussing with the owner the conditions of the vehicle we agreed that it would be best to go with a two stage paint correction. The first stage was to remove all swirls, buffer marks and as many scratches as possible. The second pass was to refine the finish and enhance the gloss.
However, there were some deeper scratches such as these ones:

Once I finished polishing the entire vehicle with Menzerna SIP followed up with Menzerna Final Polish. Regrettably I couldn’t take pictures during the polishing so no 50/50 or those before and afters that I so much enjoy doing. Reason being is that I had to spend all my time in polishing the vehicle, these vehicles may not be as large as a truck but they do require a significant amount of attention as their clear coat is quite soft.

The tires were dressed, exhaust tips were polished and glass was cleansed. As for protection, it will be receiving Opti-Coat Pro+ come spring but first it the owner will be taking the vehicle to get 3M installed. So I’ll be seeing this lovely vehicle again and most importantly protecting all the hard work I put into it.

With that said, I did manage to get a few after pictures:

My apologies to the lack of pictures on this vehicle but I will be sure to get more pictures come spring.

As always thank you for reading this write up and any feed back is always appreciated.

Thank you,



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