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Your prices appear to be quite expensive, how do you justify them?

The main reason our prices seem a bit high is because it takes time to detail a vehicle properly and do a respectable job. The reason time is the key factor is because on average it takes 10 hours for a Protection Detail, 18 hours to do an Enhancement Detail and approximately 40+ hours to do a Correction Detail. We do not compromise quality! How do we justify our prices? Firstly, Detailing Bliss has proven its self publicly to be one of the most talented professional detailers in the Calgary area, by delivering outstanding results on every vehicle undertaken.

Feel free to look at the latest vehicles we have worked on to help illustrate what we are capable of achieving. In addition, due to the high quality of work performed by us it truly does add value to the vehicle. For example, the owner of a Mazda RX-8 came to Detailing Bliss to have the vehicle detailed as it was going to be put up for sale. When the vehicle was sold the owner informed us that the new owner was not only thrilled with how the vehicle looked but was willing to pay the asking price rather then haggle for a discount.

Lastly, because we are experienced professionals who take to heart the importance of trust and respect and who have invested a significant amount on quality equipment and products to insure our customers and vehicles receive the proper care they deserve.

My vehicle is brand new, the dealership is offering me a life time protection, should I get it detailed and if so what would be the benefit?

Sad to say but it truly has become common for brand new vehicles to be delivered to their new owners with a significant number of defects such as fine surface scratches and polishing holograms left over from dealership prep work. This is not necessarily the dealerships fault, this is due to not having the necessary knowledge and skills required to properly prep a vehicle prior to delivering it to their proud owners.

Most importantly dealerships always offer what they call “life time protection”, well I regret to inform you that there is no such product that can provide a life time protection. The product that comes close to that is called clear coat, the exact same clear coat that all modern vehicles come with. But even the toughest clear coat will fade and diminish if not properly cared for.

We understand what it means to be the proud owner of a brand new vehicle and that is why we have tailored a specific detailing package for such vehicles. The purpose of the Protection Detail is to insure that every surface of the vehicle is properly treated and protected to withstand our volatile Calgarian climate. By doing so you can be assured that the bodywork, ally wheels, interior and engine bay will be well protected and will be much easier to keep clean for the first six to twelve months.

Most importantly by properly protecting the vehicle you can be assure that harmful acidic contamination like bird droppings and bugs will not etch the paint or clear coat and the like new conditions will be preserved for as long as possible.

If you detail my vehicle will the swirl marks ever come back?

After spending your hard earned money on having your vehicle looking pristine and better then new the only way of preventing the swirls marks from ever coming back comes down to two factors. First, the use of high quality car care products that have proven themselves to live up to manufactures claims. Second, is good washing techniques which must be learnt. With these two factors it is possible to maintain the like new appearance of a vehicle, it just takes time and effort.

As for learning techniques and obtaining quality car care products simply ask Carlos how to maintain your vehicle and he will be more then happy to walk you through the steps and products required to ensure your vehicle stays swirl free. The paint on my car is full of heavy swirl marks and looks like as though it has a haze look to it? Do I have to take it to a body shop to get it repainted? First of all most people think that just because a vehicle has some swirls marks or even surface scratches that it has to be taken to the body shop to get repainted.

The key to it all is insuring the defects are within the upper layer of the paint, meaning the clear coat. For most daily driven vehicles this is the case and that is why it is possible to achieve 95% paint correction. In some cases where there are no deep scratches that have penetrated through the clear coat it is possible to achiever near perfect paint correction.

Most people are shocked to see how a proper paint correction, which in some severe cases wet sanding may be required, makes the paint of a vehicle come back to life. In fact, most vehicle owners say that after the vehicle is properly polished it looks better then new. To help better illustrate this we welcome you to view some of the latest vehicles we have worked on.

The vehicle I own is strictly for shows, it’s never driven outside and I take really good care of it. How can you make my show car look better?

We have been fortunate to detail several Concours competitive vehicles and something that bothers us is that the majority of show vehicles we have worked on, no matter how clean and well maintained they may look, the finish of the paint always seems to be filled with swirl marks and scratches. It’s as though the paint condition of the vehicle is not being judged nor does it matter just as long as the bodywork has a shine and the rest of the vehicle is in pristine condition, meaning clean body lines and parts are original. Well we refuse to accept that the condition of the paint does not matter!

We are firm believers that the body work is the most visible part of any vehicle and in some cases is the fundamental element that defines the beauty and appeal of a car. The paint is the first thing most people judge when they see a car at a show or competition, so it is crucial to insure the paint is flawless. Having said that, to achieve show like conditions takes a significant amount of time, effort and the most important ingredient is experience, more specifically proper detailing experience.

With the help of modern polishes and polishing tools we are able to obtain 95% paint correction and in some cases better. This goes for any kind of vehicle old or modern. We guarantee that we can make your show car look better, in terms of the overall level of shine and the near complete removal of any sub-surface defects, such as swirls or scratches.

Do you offer stone chip repair, 3M Film installation and alloy wheel refurbishment services?

Stone chips are an everyday occurrence and unless you cover your bodywork with an expensive clear film wrap like Ventureshield or Armourfend then there is no way to avoid them; sadly no amount of wax layers can protect against small stones striking paint at high speeds! In many cases, individual stone chips will be tiny and difficult to spot, but over time their number will increase to the point where these individually insignificant defects become collectively significant, giving affected panels a peppered appearance.

Unfortunately, due to the tiny size and great number of such defects, the only aesthetically effective solution is to have the affected panels professionally resprayed. However, in cases where widespread peppering is not evident and damage is limited to a small number of large isolated chips, then we can usually touch in such chips with a high degree of success. The results are rarely seamless upon close inspection, but from a distance the chips will no longer be visible.

We don’t physically install the 3M Film our selves, however we do have a gentleman we have been using for several years now who does excellent 3M Film installation and we would be more then happy to coordinate and mitigate the installation on behalf of the customer. The same goes for wheel refurbishment service, however the customer will have to negotiate the price with the third party.

Are you mobile, meaning can you come to my house or office and detail my car?

From time to time mobile detailing services are available, however it is something that would have to work for both parties. Detailing Bliss has spent a significant amount of time, effort and money to set up the lighting to the ideal detailing environment, 99% of work is done at Detailing Bliss, however in some cases being mobile is available but it’s not the norm.

What do you do with all personal data you collect?

Normally all detailing work is shared to an online community (link to L2D) as well as an email distribution list however, we are more then happy to adhere to customer confidentiality and privacy should it be requested.

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